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Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift


Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

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ah yes, the most terrifying and aggressive dog ever: the pitbull

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Casual Black and White ‘Snapshots’ of San Francisco Street Life by Troy Holden

Just how much do you know your hometown? San Francisco-based photographer Troy Holden has probably uncovered the ins and outs of his beloved hometown more than any other street photographer in the area.

Relaxing drive home after tracking 1/2 of the rhythm guitars for the new @takecarepoppunk full length album. Off to York tomorrow.

Ugh I need this guitar. Still tracking guitars for @takecarepoppunk’s new full length!

Tracking guitars today for @takecarpoppunk’s full length with Sam Hillman

Ugh I need it. #caferacer #suzuki #gt550 #2stroke #1974 #notitlethough


Quicksand/The Story So Far.

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Quake by Balance & Composure.

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Garage night chillin earlier with @leighton_glade and @metalmktwo