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Photos by a young Stanley Kubrick, taken in the 1940’s while employed by Look Magazine. 

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Yosemite National Park, California - by: { SamAlive } | [Follow on Tumblr]

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Knuckle Puck



Home Alone - Knuckle Puck (New Song)

boom. buy it here. https://knucklepuck.bandcamp.com/album/oak-street-7

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I’ve realized lately that I have no desire in wasting my time and effort to hook up with girls. I want a relationship. I want someone I can talk to about how great or how shitty my day was. I want someone that I can sit and listen to them talk for as long as they want to talk. I just want to find the right person to love, for once in my life.

Spilling my thoughts onto paper is the best feeling.


and also this

do u wanna cuddle naked yes or yes 

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